HE TravelWorks

A sophisticated set of tools & services that help Tourism SMB’s define their own products / services, publish them to holidayemotions.com and other marketplaces, manage & schedule their daily operations via HE APP, support their customers, receive online payments, connect with their customers online from a unique single point 24/7.

With HE TravelWorks, your day becomes more productive than ever. Now you can take your business in your own hands 24/7. You are only 3 steps away to manage your Tourism Business as never before!.

First Step - PRESENCE: Create your Holiday Emotions Account and select the right package for you and your business. Don’t worry if you start with a small package! You can always grow on the go as your needs come up every day!

Your Holiday Emotions Account will allow you to create a full profile of your business, a complete Online Presentation with Images, Videos and all the information that you want to share with your future customers about your business. Of course, you can always use our HE professional Services if you feel that you need help!

HE TravelWorks

Second Step - PRODUCTS: Create your product or services by using the HE Configurator. Define what characteristics are important for your customers, define the attributes that affect your pricing, set up the availability of your products and services. Set the price, select the location that your products or services will be available, and you are ready to GO!.

Third Step - PUBLISH: You are only minutes away from having your products or services online for the first time!
It’s Time to push the PUBLISH Button!

It would take weeks or months and a ton of money to create a dynamic online presence compared to what HE TravelWorks offers for you! Now you are ready to explore the potential of an International Market and drive customers directly to your Business!

Publishing your Products or Services will make them immediately available to holidayemotions.com for zero commission. All our visitors can access your Business Profile, find your products and services and buy them On Line through our services. You are now in control of your business through the HE Dashboard where you can control what is happening to your business!

Away from your PC? The HE App is your mobile Assistant connection you real time with your visitors and customers! No more lost customers! Its all in your hand!